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Always aiming higher with Success

Helping firms innovate, transform, and lead.

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Leadership Inspires,
Culture Delivers
Our Mission
To provide best-in-class government contracting services by deploying a high-performance organization focused on our customer’s needs and cost expectations.
Our Values

REYCOR’s value system provides the necessary operational framework to successfully accomplish our mission with a high degree of efficiency and personal satisfaction.

Our Customers – We treat our customers with respect and appreciation always;  and seek to understand their needs and expectations to perform at a high level of efficiency and quality while building solid relationships through performance and trust.

Our Employees – We proactively identify and hire experienced and self-motivated talent in the general contracting and project management professions.  Once they are onboard, we professionally develop our employees to become the best that they can be and provide them with a positive and satisfying working environment that recognizes and rewards hard work, dedication, and commitment in achieving our mission.

Our Integrity and Trust – We value the quality of being honest and trustworthy.  It’s vitally important that we perform each and every project with the greatest degree of integrity without compromise to industry standards, codes, and specifications.

Our Past Experience and Project Performance – We draw on our past experiences and apply lessons learned onto new projects to drive improved performance. Our mentality is “We are only as good as our last project.”  Past experience and project performance is highly valued in creating new business opportunities.

Our Culture

REYCOR adopts the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey, as our corporate culture.  We are mindful and continuously practice all 7 Habits in our day to day interactions at work and at home.  The 7 habits are 1.) Be proactive, 2.) Begin with the end in mind, 3.) Put first things first, 4.) Think Win/Win, 5.) Seek to understand before making yourself understood, 6.) Learn to synergize, and 7.) Sharpen the saw.

Key Cultural Characteristics are:

  • High-Spirited and Rewarding

  • Empowering and Satisfying

  • Continuous Learning through Education and Training

  • Practicing High Level of Communication and Teamwork

  • Supportive and Mentoring

Our Organization

REYCOR’s organization is built on high performance engineering principles utilizing simultaneous management teams focused on customer’s needs and driven to perform quickly and efficiently.   Our organization embraces personal and professional diversity and intellect to optimize performance in executing projects of various size and complexity.

Our Customers


No matter how complex your project is, we have the capabilities and experience to provide the solutions you need to move forward with Reycor.
Our Locations

California Office

Arizona Office

4858 Mercury Street, Suite 111
San Diego, CA 92111
Phone: (858) 737-4079

4720 East Cotton Gin Loop, Suite 140
Phoenix, AZ 85040
Phone: (480) 687-9549